Monday, July 11, 2011


The wee ones and I had a Seattle weekend getaway, visiting my brother, a.k.a.:Uncle Stevie-Poo and/or The Steve.
One of the places we visited was the beautiful Discovery Park on Magnolia Bluff.
I love how my wee ones pick me flowers. If you have a garden of blooming beauties, they will clean you out for a bouquet for their mama.Hiking trails, an Indian Cultural Center, play structure, a large open field perfect for a family picnic and a romantic lily pond are the things we found on our visit.
Next time we go there, we will go to the lighthouse and it's beach.


neffie said...

so cute that they pick you flowers! They love you!!

Kim said...

We love the Woodland Park Zoo and go there pretty much anytime we are up in Seattle. Their gorilla, or possibly Bigfoot, exhibit is fab!

On my 24th birthday, right before we moved from Seattle to here, 2 year old Katie and I spent the day at the zoo. Fun memories!

Sherri said...

Wild from little boys is absolutely the best ever!
Have I told you that you rock taking pictures!
I love that Steve lives closer!

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