Monday, September 26, 2011


We had so much fun while we were there. I have loads of photos to go through and I can't wait to show you where we visited.

We saw desert cottontails, lizards galore, amazing cactus, crazy huge grasshoppers, met up with a high school friend I hadn't seen for 25 years (no photo, sniff), met blogging friend, Christina and the gang from Full House (no photo, double and triple sniff), had dinner with my aunt and uncle and cousins (you guessed it, no photos - gah!!), swam in the gorgeous Arizona sun with my wee-est, could have been arrested for trespassing but thankfully wasn't because the man was really, really nice and awesome, drove all over the middle of nowhere, fired my father from pumping our gas, almost fired him from navigating too, saw a wild coyote and that's not all folks.

I'm already planning my next Arizona getaway.


Cindy said...

Im in love with AZ too :)

neffie said...

Trespassing? Was it a photo oportunity?

Columbo said...

One of my favorite states. Arizona has everything. My cousins and Uncle live down in Tucson. Love you photos.

Laura said...

Stephanie~ we were trespassing when we went on the family homestead.

Sherri said...

I do love Arizona...but what I am finding is that there are amazing places all around the US...and I am sure all around the world!

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