Thursday, September 29, 2011


albeit touristy, is such a fun town. Lach was in a sensory magicland, soaking up every Tombstone sight. As if I had put him on repeat, I heard, "dis is SO cool" and "hey mom, check dis out." He put almost everything in the town on his wish list.

The Earp brothers and Doc Holiday told Lach to look at the camera but not to smile and to look mean. I think he did a pretty good job.
One of the shows was a cute, silly, slapstick cowboy act. He loved yelling "BOO" at the bad guy and "YAY" for the good guy. Hearing him giggle was the best part of the show, especially when the cowboy ran into the wall, and it made me want to buy an Apple Dumpling Gang DVD just to keep hearing that cute, contagious laugh of his.


Ivon said...

Nice recap of a great trip to Tombstone. Love you.

Nancy said...

He was so cute and loving every single minute of Tombstone (and everything else we saw in Arizona!)

Full House said...

Ooh love you photos..yes it is touristy but such a great place..wish you could have made it down to Bisbee too.

Sherri said...

Oh my goodness!
I am filled with jealousy! I need to go to AZ with you...seriously!

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