Thursday, September 1, 2011


Our garden's tomatoes are starting to turn from green to red, orange and yellow. I've had a tomato and lettuce sandwich everyday this week. They are so good!

My favorite right now are the yellow pear tomatoes. Fresh off the vine, warmed by the sun; they are heavenly.

How's your garden coming along? Mine is awfully slow this year.


The Laundry Queen said...

Mine is slow this year, too. I've only harvested a handful of green beans and a few squash/zucchini. No tomatoes as of yet. The ultra wet and cool spring did us in.

Sherri said...

Ummmmmmmm! my garden is dead! Sad but true! We have lived on the road the last 3 will feel good to settle down...hopefully soon!
Those tomatoes look divine!

Full House said...

Yum......I am a lover of tomatoes. Actually some of the best tomatoes I have had were in Oregon of all places.

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