Friday, September 30, 2011


in the middle of nowhere but it's not our family's anymore. We got land coordinates, a BLM map and drove out to it. It was posted private property and that they will prosecute, but we were so curious we kept on driving, and driving, and driving.
We came upon the owner of the property and after explaining to him why we were trespassing, he was super nice and didn't prosecute. He knew where on his property our relatives had homesteaded, told us what he knew about our family history and even drove us up there in his pickup, since last year the road had been washed out due to the 100 year flood.
The house was no longer standing, but we found remains of, what we are assuming is, where they kept the turkeys they raised.
We found metal debris of a wood burning stove, a bed frame turned into a gate, another type of frame and a pot.
This ash tree, we are assuming, my great-grandparents planted. It is completely out of place among the hillside desert landscape.

It was amazing being on this property and seeing the harsh land that my great-grandparents turned into a home.

On the way off the property, we found a rad Jiminy Cricket. This desert locust was the hugest thing I've ever seen.


The Mudmom said...

That is sooo awesome. What a find!! And HOLY COW, Jiminy grew! lol

Paige said...

How exciting! I'm glad you shared this.

Jana Goehring said...

Okay, I tried to post before...I'll try again..
How exciting and what a great find. I was just curious what where your Great-Grandparent's last names?
Jana Goehring

Laura said...

The Huntzinger family had the homestead and wend also have our Sessions family that were in the Thatcher area also.

Nancy said...

Too cool!!

The Mulligan Family said...

That is SO awesome, Laura. And the last photo of the cricket - grasshopper - whatever it is... that is a SUPER cool pic!

neffie said...

love this post! I wish I could have been there with you guys!
:-) But I sure love hearing about all that you have done and seen!

Charlene said...

How awesome, Laura! I didn't know you had had family in AZ. It's great you got to see the old homestead!

Ivon said...

Great experience and an awesome rancher. Love you.

Sherri said...

I love that you did this! It's amazing!

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