Saturday, December 24, 2011


Carry on family traditions.My father remembers his dad making rice krispie treats with chocolate chips on Christmas Eve.
I remember making them with my father for Christmas Eve. We'd snitch them and have to make another batch.
I make them with my boys on Christmas Eve and we always do an extra batch so we can snitch.


Nancy said...

They are the best!!

Ivon said...

t tradition. I lost half the batch earlier this week from two of my kids (adults) along with their mother from snitching.

cookiedough said...

oh the joys of holiday weight gain through delicious food

Sherri said...

I love to hear of traditions from your dad growing up...that means it was my mom's too! :) She was not the best at keeping traditions...probably lack of funds...and that they don't eat much sugar! But I love to hear them...and I am going to add them into my families traditions. Most of what we do is from Mark's memories..and I love them all....but this year I added peanut butter chocolates...thanks to you guys! :)

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