Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Some of us siblings got together and gave a year of experiences to our parents for Christmas.Some of the dates have specific dates and times - a play in January and my mom's favorite movie, West Side Story, etc... How lucky are we that it is playing at the Elsinore Theater in February?! That was an exciting purchase; nothing like old movies on the big screen. The other dates are for their favorite eateries, movie tickets, etc... Some are extravagant and some are simple, but what they love.

My sister bought the basket to contain their monthly excursions and made a really cute photo collage of the gift givers. We all brain stormed about their favorite activities and likes and then we scurried about town to pick up the gift cards.

Twelve months of paid dates for the love birds. After 43 years, I love that they still hold hands.

Our gift was inspired by Shannon at Life in General.


Ivon said...

Thanks to all my children for this gift. This is twelve days we won't be eating oatmeal. :)

We will be thinking of each of you on these dates. Love you all!

Daisha said...

That is such a great idea!!!

The Laundry Queen said...

What a fantastic idea! I'll have to think about how I could make that work for my folks-- usually my dad goes fishing and my mom goes to lunch with friends. ; )

Sherri said...

This is awesome!
I am sooooo copying you!!!!
I love and admire you!

Nancy said...

We love it!! I have the best family ever ;). I love you all, thank you for your thoughtfulness!!

Monica said...

This is a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing. How did I miss that your parents moved?

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