Sunday, May 13, 2012


was this morning and this race was amazing and so, so, SO much fun!
Larry hurt his foot, so he was unable to do the 5K with us.  Here we are all clean in bright white.

They sent us out in waves of 1000, every 2 minutes.  It was breathtaking seeing the seas of white.
Every kilometer, we got a different color.  So incredibly fun!

After the race we were a kaleidoscope of color - we loved it!
At the end they had a grand finale of color.  After a countdown, color got hurled into the air.  It was even more beautiful with the Space Needle as backdrop.

Now I'm even more excited for Color Run Portland in September!!



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Nancy said...

I'm so glad you had a colorful time.....

Monica said...

This is SO awesome!! What a fantastic time!

Sherri said...

This rocks! I hope I can come to Portlands! :)

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