Saturday, May 26, 2012


When Larry and I went to the Imagine Dragons concert in Portland, we had some really bummed teenagers.  So when they added an all-ages concert in the Seattle area to their schedule, I got us tickets.
Want happy teenagers?  Get them Imagine Dragons tickets!  

The boys were REALLY hoping they could meet the band, but towards the end of the performance, they announced they were heading out immediately to catch a red eye flight.  Oh, our boys were so sad.
Thankfully, Ryan, I.D.'s tour manager, found us so the boys could quickly meet the band.  Besides being amazingly talented, these guys are the nicest guys ever!  Needless to say, we had beyond ecstatic teenagers!
Larry, with Ryan and his LongBoardLarry board he has named "citrus" and Dan, Image Dragons lead singer
Our happy teenagers with their perm-a-grins and Uncle Steve.  It was a really fun night!


Nancy said...

You're the best parents ever!!!! Lasting memories ;)

Monica said...

Okay, hanging beds and backstage access to a favorite band ... you are the awesomest parents!!

Sherri said...

You guys Rock!
You have such awesome experiences...Brooke and I are jealous!

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