Sunday, May 6, 2012


For Larry's birthday weekend, I booked us a room at Hotel Monaco in downtown Portland.  I was so impressed with the customer service from the get go, if I ran a hotel, I would book a room and implement their procedures.  Besides this being a stunningly beautiful hotel, it has amazing staff with excellent communication.
Here is the lobby.  Although very large, it was welcoming, comfortable and had a coziness about it.  In the evenings, the hotel provides drinks and music in there you could come down an mingle if you'd like.
Before I tell you about our room, let me tell you about the valet service.  From the street, you drive down to the parking structure under the hotel.  When I think of parking structures I don't think pretty or classy, but this one is.  They have large green canvas curtains hanging from the pillars, which also have decorative lattice on them and the floor is polished pavers in an overlapping arch pattern.  The valet personnel is very friendly, nice and helpful.  From there, you take an elevator up to the lobby.
When we checked in, the front desk told us we had received a complementary upgrade to a king premier suite on the top floor.  When we walked into the room, we had to pick our chins off the ground.  We had a foyer, a huge bathroom, living room, and the bedroom.  It was so beautiful, fun, unique and eclectic.  Hands down, the coolest hotel room we have ever stayed at!
When we returned to our room later that night, we had sparkling cider on ice waiting for us and Larry had a handwritten birthday card from the front desk.

Isn't this hotel rad?  I know where I'm staying next time we have a weekend getaway in Portland!


The Mulligan Family said...

Haven't stayed there since it was Fifth Avenue Suites. Looks like they've really spruced up the place. So glad you had a great weekend and Happy Birthday to Larry.

Sherri said...

I need to come to Oregon!

Anonymous said...

Whenever we are in portland we stay there I told my husband we should move in there permanently lol

Laura said...

I can see why! I'd seriously consider it!! :-)

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