Thursday, May 24, 2012


Our two week project for the older boys' room is turning into months and months.  Not because anything is hard or too time consuming, it's just, lately, we aren't ever home.
The cubbies are built, they just need to be stained and have doors put on.  These deep cubbies are the stairs up to the hanging beds.

Next on the list, the back wall, window treatment and desks.  One of these days, this room is going to be amazing.


Monica said...

Grant and I think these beds are the coolest idea. Ever. Your boys better love you!! (I know they do!)

The Mudmom said...

This is the coolest room boys keep watching you transform it :)

Sherri said...

My kids think its cool right now...we have a bit of jealousy going on!
Than you so verrrrrrrrrrrrrry much for my most delicious package! That s a surprise that has left me with a perma grin!

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