Friday, December 14, 2012


We made glittery deer images.
I took black cardstock and traced different images of deer.  Elmers clear liquid glue was used like a pen and the images were quickly "color with glue".  Once the glue was in place, glitter was sprinkled all over.

One piece of advice is to let the paper sit for about 30 minutes before you shake off the excess glitter.  We had an image that we thought was dry but when it was hung, glittery glue started to run.
I used silver and white glitter.  I like the silver images the best.  The bottom one is white glitter and it has an ice look to it, which is cool, but the silver ones really pop against the black paper.

We've hung them on the back of our front door with all the Christmas cards we're receiving.  I love it!

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Sherri said...

Love love this idea!

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