Monday, December 31, 2012


I love making new year goals.  It makes me feel focused and happy.  Here are my top 5 goals for 2013.

1.  EVERYONE GETS A CLEAN SLATE.  This is one of my favorite goals I make every year.  I try really hard to forgive and move on as things happen, or not let things bother me, but having the visual of Jan 1, and an eraser, helps me really wipe the slate clean.  It feels so good!

2.  BE PRESENT WITH MY BOYS.  I am always there but not always present.  I have found that sometimes I am checking my phone or opening the mail while talking with them.  You know, multi tasking.  No more.  I will be present.

3.  SIMPLIFY.  This is another goal that is always on my list.  It helps me analyze my schedules and routines and organize and purge my closets and nooks and crannies.  It's a breath of fresh air to my soul.

4.  BE HEALTHY.  For a long time I was on a green smoothie kick and loved it.  Breakfast has once again become a skipped meal, so I am going to try to be consistent with some early morning nourishment.  Also, I have had a hard time becoming committed to running again after my stress fracture and the cooler toe incident.  I need to rediscover that love.  My hiney will thank me.

5.  BE POSITIVE.  I am proud to say this is something I am really good at, most of the time.  I try really hard to make a conscious decision to see good and not gossip.  BUT, I am horrible about being positive about myself.  My inner self says horrible things to me. Every time I say something negative, I will make a conscious decision to replace it with a positive.  AND, I will say thank you when receiving a compliment instead of dismissing it.

I hope 2013 finds you and yours healthy, prosperous and happy.  Let us have faith and not fear about our life situations.  (I need to tell myself that all.the.time.)  Here's to a wonderful and fabulous new year, my friends.


Sherri said...

Good Goals!
I like everyone of them...maybe I should do a post that says DITTO...and refers to your post! ;)

Monica said...

I have to agree with everyone else who said you pretty well summed up what I'd like my goals to be ... only you said it much better than I could! I loved what you said about everyone getting a clean slate (great mental image) and also being positive with yourself. I hope you know how awesome you are!! You are someone I truly admire. Happy 2013!!

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