Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Kim's daughter, Anna, was listening to the radio when she heard 'text dragon to (blah, blah, blah) and you could win two tickets for the meet and greet with Imagine Dragons.'  Anna knows her mom likes them and so she texts the word dragon.
Next day, she gets word that she was chosen!  Only ten people were chosen and she was one of them.  Fun luck, huh!
Anna wasn't able to go with her mom, so Kim called to see if I was available.  Larry and I were taking the boys to their concert that evening, how was I going to break it to them that I would meet them in Portland because I was going to the meet and greet?  I presented the situation with a smile and batting of the eyes and bing, bong Jack, it was a go!
We got treated to an acoustic version of It's Time and a photo op.  With them being in a different city every night, I wasn't sure if they would remember me.  I was so excited that they did and they told me to tell Larry that they still love and ride the longboard.  Yay!
It was such a great afternoon spent with Kim.  Super fun!  I think Anna needs to enter contests more often so Kim and I can go on more cool dates.  Now that sounds like a plan!
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