Saturday, July 17, 2010


Larry and I went to a memorial service this morning for a dear, dear man who was a friend and example to all, a wonderful mentor to the youth and he will be greatly missed....
photo taken the summer of 2007 in Palmyra, New York
'Commitment Time'
I commit to having positive thoughts because thoughts decide my feelings.
I commit to having positive feelings because feelings decide my actions.
I commit to having positive actions because actions become habits.
I commit to having positive habits because habits become my values.
I commit to having positive values because values become my destiny.
Thanks for the final thought Dale.
I hope to be half the person you were....


Sherri said...

Love that quote...I may need to borrow it...on the side of my blog! =) Can I?!

Laura said...

Of course! It hit home with me today too. I say, spread the word! I think it's a great reminder and can you imagine if we all acted like that all the time? Wow, what a great world we'd have. Ghandi was one amazing man.

Nancy said...

The memorial was very nice this morning. He's going to be missed a lot!

Full House said...
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Full House said...

Many funerals or memorial services have a way of making us want to be be better, huh.

I don't want to die a big loser/slacker ya know. I recently went to funeral where I got to literally brush shoulders with President Monson who happened to be the speaker as well. There was so much food for thought and your post title sums it up, "COMMITMENT TIME".

P.S. - Have I told you lately how much I love my huge letter B?

Katie said...

Oh man, Dale was one stand up fella. Mark and I loved working with him. I love this quote...such a great reminder!

Eliot's Mom said...

I didn't know that he had passed away. He was a wonderful man and this was a tribute to him.

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