Sunday, July 4, 2010


is something my family has never done or if they have, we haven't gone to them.
I'm helping plan one for 2012 and I'm so excited and have ideas streaming through my head!
Not being familiar with the family reunion process, any tips or ideas you could pass on to me would be greatly appreciated!

Via Nicole's twitter, I saw this tree.
Each branch is a sibling and the leaves are all the children with their spouses and children.

via here
I love these fun and creative ideas for shirts via Angela...

via here

What are your favorite things to do at a reunion and best ideas to keep it fun and simple?


MRNMSA said...

A family cookbook with favorite recipes and recipes that have been passed down through the generations would be a fun keepsake!

Nancy said...

I think the tree with the leaves is a great idea and I also love the recipe idea. Everyone could make x amount of copies and cut them before the reunion the size of recipe cards. They would fit nicely in a small inexpensive photo album.

Ivon said...

I would love to go to a reunion. I am old, and I would want to hear stories from all my nephews and nieces. ")

Sherri said...

Those are all adorable! How do you find this stuff?

Kim said...

I love all those ideas! At my reunions, they always have a story sharing time about ancestors and I love to hear those. You'll be a great planner!!

Full House said...

Angela is my buddy here in Mesa and she is so her style.

With you helping with your reunion then I'm sure it will be the

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