Friday, July 2, 2010


17 years of marriage
to this wonderful
man of mine.

Here's to many,
many more!

17 Reasons I Love Larry
1. He is kind
2. He is thoughtful
3. He is bald
4. He fathered my man clan
5. He is a hands on dad
6. He rides a motorcycle
7. He is patient
8. He is hard working
9. He understands me
10. He likes ice cream
11. He cooks
12. He will buy tampons
13. He is a great kisser
14. He will watch chick flicks
15. He helps with the house work
16. Even though he likes his food spicy, he'll make it mild for me
17. He makes me laugh


Ivon said...

How come he has hair in the first few pictures? Congratulations. I think you both go together kind of great. Love you.

neffie said...

Congratulations! He's the best brother-in-law ever! You guys have a lovely family and marriage. What a lucky gal.... and Larry's lucky to have you too! :-)

Ardith Haws said...

Wonderful! Loved the pictures and the sweet words.

Sherri said...

Oh your so beautiful! I miss you! I love your list and I may have to copy you in August..only 14 though! Have a great day! =)

Mary Kelly said...

You and Larry are seriously one of those couples that everyone hopes to be like someday. It is obvious that you are best friends and genuinely love being with each other. Happy love day!!!

Everton Terrace said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! I think I had the same hairdo as you did in the first photo.

Kim said...

Have a fabulous Anniversary!! We think you guys are pretty great! I loved the pictures and fun words!

The Mulligan Family said...

Awww... So Sweet! Happy Anniversary you two. Here's to many many more.

Love to you both, Cindy

5Youngers said...

Happy Anniversary you two! You are such a happy couple. Love ya tons!

Nancy said...

I love both of you, you're both GREAT!! Happy anniversary!!!!

Baller family said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Love the pictures! You two are perfect for one another!

Katie said...

I know I'm late in the game and all, but happy anniversary!

Full House said...

Now that is a great list. I liked #12.

Happy Anniversary darling!

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