Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I read a review that said this Provo hike was "easy but steep", which is true but a little misleading.
It is easy because it's only 1.2 miles and you follow a very well marked trail but that is the only thing easy about it for a sea-level wussy hiker, like myself....

It is STEEP with a fewer places even steeper and the 980 feet elevation gain made me feel like a pansy.
So, I have a few words of advice that I will remember for next time and might help you when you go to hike it yourself.
1. Don't go during the hottest part of the day.
2. Bring more than one bottle of water.
3. Don't bring your purse - put your camera in a backpack.
4. Enjoy the resting benches and the beautiful view while you catch your breath throughout the switchbacks.
I finally made it to the top of the "Y" and the view is gorgeous!
The"Y" is 380 feet high and 180 feet wide and is the largest collegiate symbol in the United States - the letter is bigger than the letters in the 'Hollywood' sign in California.
Who wants to go with me next time I'm in town?


Katie said...

Sign me up! I would totally do it again with you. The view just can't be beat!

Charlene said...

Love the view, but I only hiked it once...and that was after I was acclimated to the Utah elevation!

But, seeing the fireworks from the stadium was so pretty! Almost worth the hike...

Kim said...

I've never hiked the Y. Katie might be doing so this weekend. I had no idea that the trail was marked with a Y gate ~ that's really cool!

Nancy said...

I hiked the "Y" once, when I did it there were no benches, signs, gates......nothing!!! That was in the olden days though, it is a beautiful view. When I was growing up there, the students hiked up to white wash the rocks. They would come down with torches, it was interesting watching the lights coming down in a zigzag. Nice memories!

Sherri said...

Fantastic pictures...like always! I will go with you next time...we just have to plan our trips together!

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