Thursday, October 7, 2010


and I can't believe all that we did - we had so much fun!!
Went to the Pirate Festival
Discovered Nye Beach
Went to Cobble Beach
Tried to fly a kite at the beach
She dyed her hair purple
Had a family bon voyage party
Had a Utah going away party
Visited Grandma and Utah other relatives
Had fun in the party mobile
Tried lots of new restaurants in Utah
As added perks I saw high school friends and had my first solo hike

I think I need to have a Laura-Palooza now.


Nancy said...

That is a LOT of things you guys did!! It mad me tired thinking about all the activities.....I need a nap ;-)

Sherri said...

YOU ROCKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Now your going to be bored!

Full House said...

So are we back now. Why did we have to miss each other again. Sounds like you had a blast my friend.

Can I tell you that I am so jealous of the area in which you reside. I thought about you when we went to Forks etc. That is a crazy place..I think people really think that the story is true.

Anyway can't wait to catch up and hope all is well.

Katie said...

Laurapalooza sounds like a fabulous idea!

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