Saturday, October 30, 2010


is slowly starting to come together:

1. Nature's Miracle
2. Orange dog collar
3. Grooming brushes
4. House training bell
5. Leash
6. Plush toy

What are some of your favorite doggie items?


Ivon said...

Don't forget puppy chow. :)

The Tate Family said...

a KONG! They are the best at keeping them busy! I stuff a treat inside and put peanut butter over it and your puppy will go nuts! How fun that you are really doing it! That is really impressive that you are facing your fears!

Nancy said...

I can't wait to see her.....your newest wee one ;)

I'm Paige said...

Yayyy!! Doggie pals are the best! Our two necessities are the Kong (they haven't been able to destroy it) and I finally dropped the money for a poop scooper. It is SO worth it for us.

Kim said...

I was going to recommend a Kong too but I see I was beaten to the punch :-) It's Oliver's favorite toy! But don't get the squirty treat stuff that they sell to go in the Kong ~ it's messy. We just put a milkbone into the Kong and Oliver goes to town.

Sherri said...


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