Tuesday, October 5, 2010


in Utah is visit with my family.
Stephanie and I went to see Grandma. In December she is turning 92 and we are already planning her 100th birthday party.
It is so fun to talk to her and listen to her stories. We had a great time visiting with her!
Her memory is starting to fade, so some of the stories get a little more interesting, which is fun. I'm sad about her memory loss starting - that is one of the things I'm not looking forward to when I get older. Grandma is an incredible seamstress. Even though her memories are getting a little fuzzy, her attention to detail is impeccable. She is making burp cloths for her little grand babies and the edging looks like a surger has done the work. Nope, they are hand done with perfectly spaced and height stitching. I was so impressed!

She loves maps and was showing Stephanie some villages in Scotland that we have family history in.
One of the highlights for me was looking at a book her mother had made for her. It is a wooden bound book that her mother had made and painted on and also in the inside cover. The pages all had hand drawn borders with lovely memories and keepsakes inside. It is old and in near perfect condition. What a treasure!

Aunt Lucia was able to come and visit while we were with Grandma. The conversations had me belly roll laughing!
We had a wonderful dinner with Aunt Eloise filled with interesting conversation and a lot of laughter.

And of course we went to visit Grandpa Young's grave site so Stephanie could say goodbye.


Katie said...

How fun to see family! Your grandma is so cute and I loved the picture of her sewing project!

Kim said...

What a fun thing! I love visiting my Grandma too ~ such a good time for making memories!

Nancy said...

I'm happy you were able to get so much in in such a short amount of time ;)

Sherri said...

She looks great! I am so glad you were able to spend time with her!

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