Thursday, February 23, 2012


I know I don't look like an athlete, but since I have a running injury and get to be taped up, does that mean I can call myself an athlete?
I've hurt my peroneal tendon - poor me. I've heard wonders about KT Tape and have high hopes.Clinic is in 2 weeks - I need to be hunky-dorey because I am ready and so excited for it to start back up!

I've been loving running the past 9 months but have a few frustrations too.

1. Lung capacity improvement. I'm not sucking wind the whole time I run - love that!
2. My running mates rock.
3. I am looking forward to running faster and longer - I never thought I'd hear myself say that!

1. I thought weight would come off faster. I think part of it has to do with my allergy situation wreaking havoc on my bod, but still, I thought I'd be shrinking. I look the same.
2. My speed - my dang speed. I know it comes with time, and it is getting faster, but I'd love to see my speed improve faster - like over night.

All you running rockstars, you're my idols.


Sherri said...

I am sorry your injured...I hate to be injured!
Frustrations are legit...I am sorry you don't feel like your shrinking...probably because you looked good to start! :)
Plus for most people that is the number 1 motivation..I am impressed that you have fallen in love with running for running...relationships and health. It's awesome!
Speed is overrated! Your doing a great your doing the BEST job!

neffie said...

DUDE! Stop selling yourself short. You ARE an athlete!!!

You're an inspiration and you're doing great showing people like me that you can achieve something if you put your mind to it. It may take baby steps but you'll get here.

I concur with Sherri - you're doing the BEST job!

Monica said...

If you're getting taped up, you are DEFINITELY an athlete (and maybe more importantly, that you can run a 1/2 marathon ...)!! I share your frustrations. I'm convinced I bulk up when I'm running a lot. I know my legs get thicker. And I'm still struggling to build my time again. You'll get there. In the mean time, just know that even if you can't see outward results, know tat you're doing yourself so many favors internally! Way to go, girl!

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