Sunday, February 26, 2012


Three of my siblings have birthdays within days of each other. My youngest brother, Derek, is in town this weekend so we decided to celebrate all three birthdays. My sister called to see if I'd help her make a blue tortoise cake. Of course I said yes, but I was thinking, "I didn't know she liked tortoises so much to want a tortoise birthday cake. And why would she want one blue? It must be a character from some anime show she likes."
photo via dr. who
When she arrived, I found out I had misunderstood. She wanted a blue tardis - a Dr. Who tardis.
NOT a blue tortoise!
Stephanie drew out the plans and cut the cake.
We made the fondant and buttercream and meticulously cut the detail pieces.
It was time to assemble and the first piece was falling apart with every stroke. The more we tried to fix it, the worse it got.
We put all the pieces in the freezer and tried again. Nope, it was just a big, hot mess.
We decided to make rice krispies. It looked like it was going to work perfectly! We thought for just a second to let the krispie tardis set up just a little bit longer, but six hours into this project we just wanted it done!
Back to the fondant we went, rolling, wetting and sticking until we had it looking decent. The weight of the fondant on the, not completely set, rice krispies made our tall tardis, a stocky tardis - but it's still cute.
We made planets to hold the 33 candles, and tonight when the family is over for the three cake birthday celebration, the tardis all ablaze will look fantastic!


Sherri said...

I love the cake...I love all the pictures leading up to the cake...and what a brilliant idea to use rice krispies! I was laughing so hard at the blue tortoise...I would have made a blue turtle for sure! :)

Nancy said...

I can't wait to see it!!

neffie said...

Yep, lost in translation! LOL You need to get your geek on. :-) It was fun! Thank you

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