Friday, February 17, 2012


This is my lastest project that was seven color separations.

I chose to keep it simple, sweet and embrace a project without a lot of fine detail. That being said, I did have more detail on Lily but it didn't wash out in the screen and I didn't have time to redo that section. Not my favorite project but I learned a lot.This photo was my inspiration.


Nancy said...

They still are the "Three Amegos". Such a cute picture!!!

Sherri said...

Your project looks awesome and your inspiration photo is priceless! :)
Love it!
I was hoping to drive to Oregon and see your family when Kristina got married. Well, I guess she has decided to get married March 17th...and guess who won't be going??? Me! My baby is due on the 8th...and I always go over a week! :( I'm so bummed! Invitations aren't out yet...but I think it's the official date!

Monica said...

I LOVE this!

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