Thursday, September 16, 2010


We were and watched a great game tonight and it was really exciting to see our oldest get more playtime - he played great!
To celebrate another win, we made homemade root beer.
We would have had it either way, but it makes it more exciting when you celebrate something.
And if you're wondering about our wee one on the counter, the answer is yes - he is on the counter all time.
Are your children climbers too?


neffie said...

LOVE the root beer pictures w/ Lach in the background. Yay for Larry j getting more play time!

Nancy said...

Yay for the win AND the root beer!! Stephanie was a climber and always on my counter, usually watching me do things ;)

Katie said...

That is so cool that Larry J is getting to play more. And homemade rootbeer is the perfect end to a football game.

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