Wednesday, September 22, 2010


fun that comes with this autumn holiday is right around the corner, and I love having October be a fun month for my man clan.

Our October list of activities are:

1. Make cookies and "boo" our neighbors
2. Make a spooky paper mache pinata
3. Watch Monsters Inc.
4. Go to a pumpkin patch
6. Make a ghostly pizza
7. Watch Monster House
9. Make a Halloween trail mix snack
10. Make a Candy Corn Cake
11. Make monster toes
12. Make mummy pizza
15. Go to an apple orchard and pick apples
16. Make apple cider donuts
17. Carve pumpkins
18. Go on a hay ride
19. Take the older boys to a haunted house
20. Make pumpkin cookies
21. Go trick or treating!
What are your favorite Halloween/autumn activities to do in October?


The Laundry Queen said...

We love to carve pumpkins and I make spudnuts to deliver to neighbors (and, of course, enjoy!).

Kim said...

You listed just about all of our traditions ~ I LOVE October!!

Katie said...

I'm feeling behind this year because I really haven't even started thinking about plans. Your list is making me want to gather some ideas though!

The Steve said...

Good, no "Call Steve at 6AM with Sponge-bob questions" this month. I can sleep in !

Nancy said...

It sounds like a fun month. I love all the pumpkins breads, cookies etc. at this time of year.

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