Tuesday, September 21, 2010


others call it gak - whatever you call it, it's super fun and super easy to make...Pour 1 cup Elmer's glue to a large glass or ceramic bowl - no plastic bowls or it will stick!
Add 1/2 cup water and mix with a fork until it is smooth.
Add 4 drops of food coloring and mix with fork until well combined.

Put 1/2 cup warm water and 1/2 tsp of borax in small bowl.
Let it sit until dissolved then pour into the large bowl.
You will see a chemical reaction and things start looking funky and sticking together. Slime is forming!
Mix with your fork and as it thickens use your hands.
It's a cheap, easy, fun science experiment for the whole family to do together.
It bounces, breaks if you pull fast, stretches if you pull slow, feels flubbery - it's great fun!


Sherri said...

This is absolutely awesome!
WE are so doing this!
By the way...as we were reading about volcanos...Brooke found the biggest volcanic lake is in Oregon??? Of course I was calling for a field trip! =)

neffie said...

Would that be crater lake Sherri? It's BEAUTIFUL! but of course if you have anyone that gets carsick then it's best to take slow with lots of pulling over (that road is windy!)

Looks like the boys had fun. I love Laird's shocked face there. LOL

Nancy said...

I love Lairds deer in the headlight look ;) This looks so fun!!

Kim said...

We LOVE making GAK and have not done so in awhile....maybe it's time to pull out the ol' Borax again!

Cute pics!

Katie said...

So fun....I loved making that as a kid!

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