Friday, September 17, 2010


of school early because it's your birthday is a little tradition we love.
We will have a thirteen year old tomorrow and he was ready to start his celebration with a lunch date with mom and dad...
The wee-est one came along too and didn't sit still for one moment -
He enjoyed every single second of the birthday lunch and even graced us with some dancing and even threw some break dancing in at the end.
I'd like to bottle that energy and sell it, he'd make us rich!


Sherri said...

That is a fantastic tradition!
I told Mark that the new diet needs to be, whenever you child moves you have to do the same thing! I would loose all my extra weight in one day! =)

Nancy said...

I love the first picture with Laird and Larry!! What a fun birthday tradition ;)

Kim said...

How fun ~ a very cool tradition!

Ivon said...

I love Red Robin. Great food and fun place.

Katie said...

What a fun tradition! I know I sound like an old lady when I say this, but I can't believe Laird is 13!

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