Sunday, September 5, 2010


Our wee-est one's birthday is just a few days away and I've been reminiscing through photos.
This photo sequence CRACKED.ME.UP!
We had just gotten home from the baby blessing and I wanted a "quick family photo" to remember the day.
Yeah, right...
This happens to us A LOT.
Ever happen to you?
I love my man clan and the smiles they bring to my face - I just wish we could all smile for the camera at the same time....


Nancy said...

These are such cute pictures!!

Kim said...

Those are so fun! Love them!

Mary Kelly said...

Sometimes the outtakes are the best- way more accurate.

Sherri said...

This has NEVER happened to me!

I don't think we have ever had a picture with us all smiling!

I have learned to love the non smiling ones best!

Love all of these!

Katie said...

I love this picture sequence...they made me smile!

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