Sunday, February 28, 2010


so we celebrated it tonight with his favorite - cheesecake with blueberry topping....
Our family has a tradition of singing Happy Birthday off key and loud.
In the past it's gotten too loud with some screaming, which thankfully we've 86'd.
Lach hasn't forgotten the loudness and was preparing as soon as the candles were being lit.
It was a fun birthday evening!


Kim said...

Looks like a fun celebration and a yummy favorite! That's cute about Lach getting ready for the loudness!

5Youngers said...

Super cute pics. Sorry us girls didn't make it. Happy Birthday to Ivon.

Ivon said...

I will add, Nancy made the cheese cake from scratch, and the blueberry topping was also homemade from berries we bought at the farm last fall and froze. She did an excellent job on both.

Mark and Katie said...

That cheesecake looks amazing. Love the pictures of Ivon in his sunglasses. So cool.

Family Fun said...

Love the glasses...that is great.:)

Sherri said...

Those pictures seriously ROCK! Your amazing! Happy Birthday Ivon!
Love the picture of Steph...she looks gorgeous!
You have a great family! =)

Nancy said...

It was a wonderful night!!! We did miss Sarah and the girls though. Great photos!!

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